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With the US adding 209,000 new jobs in April, unemployment (6.9 percent) is finally at its lowest since 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Employees — it’s time to get confident!

As I begin to wrap up my Get Hired advice I want to share with you the exciting developments on my new book, Get Hired! soon to be released. Taking on two interns this summer helped me to develop my knowledge on hiring difficulties from the other side of the desk and to fine tune my advice to help you land yourself that perfect job.

As I reiterated in my last post, there are always jobs — but it doesn’t mean there isn’t competition. With unemployment level heading towards its lowest, these tips really are working. And you have every reason to be confident! This brings me to my next two Get Hired Truths: “I’m Nervous Is A No-No”, and “When Can I Start?” Is A Yes-Yes!

I’m gonna be frank here. “I’m so nervous” blows it right then and there. Even if you are, it is rarely noticed. And if it is noticed, what good does it do to tell them as well? Remember they’ve never met you before, so you are your only (and worst) critic.

There may be some stress involved with the responsibilities of the position or in the work environment and you don’t want them thinking, “if you can’t handle a simple interview, how are you going to deal with the everyday pressures of this job?”

Remember — don’t talk too much! That’s another sure tell sign of nervousness. Ensure you don’t run-on babbling about your life story or any other subject. Just be polite and listen carefully to what they have to say. Give direct answers to their questions that are complete, express your knowledge of the subject matter and experience or desire to gain that knowledge and experience. Overdoing it by talking too much will lose your leverage for a position as much as saying too little. You have to think with the purpose of the interview and what the interviewer needs to know to make their decision.

There is this dichotomy for you. You are most likely nervous and excited but you need to communicate with a resolute confidence. You want the job! And as my mother always told me, “you don’t ever get anything you don’t ask for” so ask “When can I start?” politely and with a smile. It shows your desire and decision to get started on your career with their team, and trust me, they will remember you for it.

This could be one of the toughest questions you will ever utter. I tend to think it’s right up there with “Will you marry me?” but just go for it. The worst that can happen is they laugh you off. And what do you do? You shrug it off and try again. It’s all part of the interview experience. If you follow the rest of my Get Hired! truths, you should be able to detect whether this question will be received with a smile or a scoff.

Ultimately, it is customary at the conclusion of almost every interview for the interviewer to ask if you have any other questions. And assuming you really want this job, you do. So ask that big question!