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Be Obsessed Or Be Average: The Naked Review

Miami, FL - The newest release by New York Times Bestselling author Grant Cardone (The 10X Rule) is my new infatuation! Be Obsessed or Be Average is a heartfelt, motivational, practical workshop for you and your business from cover to cover. I say heartfelt because he cared enough to tell his life’s story; which details his firmly [...]

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#ASKGARYVEE: The Naked Review

Some books just kick ass; and some really suck. Gary Vaynerchuk’s new book kicks ass like Muhammad Ali; with a whole lot of word-weaving finesse and then a champion’s beating. Beginning with the title: #ASKGARYVEE One Entrepreneur’s Take On Leadership, Social Media & Self-Awareness. Which then continues with the sub-title of: And Winning Marketing, Venture Capital, Arbitrage, [...]

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