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Could A Bad Hire Change Your Destiny?

How many of you remember a teacher who deeply affected you or changed your life? Someone you still remember fondly? Or not so?I’ll never forget a particular character forming experience during my 13-year-old Freshman year of Creative Writing Class. I won’t name names, to protect the guilty party! But, if you went to High School during the 80’s in [...]

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Avoid ‘Replacement Ref’ Hires

The NFL has found itself in a predicament that captured an abundance of negative national media attention. Why? Because of some bad hires! Last week I wrote about the rule “be diligent, not desperate” in hiring and this is a perfect case in point. While replacement officials for nationally televised sporting events might get [...]

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“Honest Abe” Hiring Advice

During our economic recovery, companies are expanding and needing to not only hire new employees, but also to hire the best and brightest. Customer experience and service can make or break your business in today’s information age. So the caliber of candidates you interview and hire should be a reflection of you and your [...]

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