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Microsoft Layoff Victims Read This

The hottest technology industry news right now is not iPhone 6 or the Destiny game beta release; unfortunately. It’s that Microsoft is eliminating 18,000 jobs. Pretty scary, for a company that could afford to re-allocate all of those people onto developing the next big thing; which would cause the need for expansion, not contraction. [...]

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Confidence Is Critical When Interviewing

With the US adding 209,000 new jobs in April, unemployment (6.9 percent) is finally at its lowest since 2008, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). Employees — it’s time to get confident! As I begin to wrap up my Get Hired advice I want to share with you the exciting developments on my new [...]

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Follow-up Or You’ve Given Up

If you really want to get hired, don’t blow it AFTER the interview. I will assume you’ve used my other tips, so the opportunity should be yours for the taking. Anyone loves a bit of appreciation, right? I recently gave a speech at UCLA to a group of amazing students and foreign exchange interns. [...]

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