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“I can speak from experience that HIRING is the toughest job as a business owner and ONE bad hire can cause YEARS of misery!  Hiring has always been the biggest gamble and the biggest headache in all of my businesses.  Finally somebody is tackling the core issues of this problem and giving some sane solutions.  The Hiring Academy’s advice in hiring has helped me immensely!  Thanks for sharing your strategies!”

Entrepreneur, Jim W.

“These guys absolutely nailed it!  As a business owner, I found The Hiring Academy extremely valuable.  As a business coach I loved Mr. Jensen’s very direct pointers on decision.  He’s especially crystal clear on first evaluating what area you are hiring for.  I know with this system my clients will benefit greatly and I will be referring back to this platform often in the future.”

Franchise Holder, Todd W.

“The Hiring Academy training was highly beneficial to our Chiropractic Practice.  Ever since applying the system described in his book The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret our hires have not just been great experiences, but then they’ve stuck too! Retention of great people is invaluable, once you’ve got the right fit. Thank you!”

Chiropractor, Dr. Steve

“The Hiring Academy has actually changed our whole workplace environment – with a ton more positive and productive people – by simply standardizing the way we make additions to our team. I appreciate predictable systems and these interviewing and hiring techniques from the courses of study included a workbook to guide us through developing our very own hiring process.”

CEO, Scott S.

“I own 3 McDonald’s franchises. I started using The Hiring Academy in one of my restaurants where I had high turnover and low productivity. There was immediate change in the morale of the hiring manager. It gave her tools, confidence and a sense of professionalism that created a positive reaction throughout the whole restaurant. Productivity has increased. Morale amongst the management and crew team has increased. And yes, profits have begun to follow. Investing in The Hiring Academy is a smart investment and I will implement in all my restaurants.”

Franchise Owner, Ted Z.

Hiring Fundamentals

COURSE 1: The A to Z essentials of the entire Hiring Process. Decades of interviewing and hiring experience have culminated in the development of this easy to implement training.

Pre-Interview Essentials

COURSE 2: These actions precede interviews. Deciding you really need to make a hire, for what exact functions, developing a precise job description, placing the perfect ad, reviewing resumes…

Interviewing Mastery

COURSE 3: From the first phone call to the second interview, in this course you learn the interview tips and techniques that make quality hires, including over 100 sample interview questions.

Post-Interview Process

COURSE 4: This course teaches all the steps to take after you’ve completed interviewing a pool of candidates. From reference checks to the on-boarding process of your new hire!

Your Certified Trainer

Interviewing & Hiring Expert

Your virtual instructor David Lee Jensen is an interviewing, hiring and team-building expert; having grown multiple businesses from tens of employees to thousands and vastly increasing retention rates.  He is the #1 bestselling author of The Naked Interview: Hiring Without Regret and a Fortune 50 speaker with 25-plus years experience as an executive, consultant and successful entrepreneur.




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